Tidy Minds is a new kind of wellbeing experience, designed for modern workplaces, spaces, & people

Launching in 2020. Register your interest for early access.

One plan, many possibilities

We integrate the best bits from the most powerful wellbeing products into one daringly fun, safe, & seamless wellbeing platform.

Wellbeing, without the boring bits

Connect your company to vibrant groups, solutions, and experiences that they actually want to use, and that makes them feel alive, connected, and resilient.

Beautifully diverse

Our personalised experience treats you as the diverse individual that you are, with solutions that meet your personal, emotional, physical, cultural, and situational needs.

As you grow, we grow

Tidy Minds is the perfect partner for growing companies, who need to be a little flexible. Plug-in and get going in seconds, with no setup fees, and we'll help you get the most from your wellbeing budget.

More coming soon...

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